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Vejen 2008

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SCA Nationals 2010

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All Breeds "Breeder of the Year 1999"

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Worlddog Annual 2005


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IMPORTS ...and other leased dogs

Cabaka's Anais of Ice Prince ch.
Cabaka's Miss Abbi Snowstorm ch.
Cabaka's Miss Azzi Snowstorm
Cabaka's Basie Of Stormcat
Cabaka's Bibi of Stormcat
Cabaka's Chili of Yacker ch.
Cabaka's Easy Girl of Johnson ch.
Cabaka's Eye Q of Warpaint ch.
Cabaka's Enigma of Warpaint
Cabaka's Miss Easie of Cruise
Cabaka's Miss Envy of Cruise
Cabaka's Gabe of Rockstar ch.
Cabaka's Gina of Rockstar ch.
Cabaka's Glazy of Rockstar
Cabaka's Honeybee of Rockstar ch.
Cabaka's Ice Star of Edison ch.
Cabaka's Ice Dream of Bubbles ch.
Cabaka`s Ice Cute of Yacker
Cabaka's Miss Jodie of Mick Jagger
Cabaka's Kandy of Kingo ch.
Cabaka's Katzie of Kingo ch.
Cabaka's Lacey of Punjab ch.
Cabaka's Lolly of Punjab ch.
Cabaka’s Miss Lazy Of Robbie
Cabaka’s Lou Lou Of Robbie - export
Cabaka's Miss Olympia of Play Hard
Cabaka's Peekachew of Voyage ch.
Cabaka's Pretty Girl of Playhard ch.
Cabaka's Party of Playhard ch.
Cabaka's Prettier Than You
Cabaka's Pretty Amazing - export
Cabaka's Quennie of Gucci ch.
Cabaka's Roxanna of Cool Cat ch.
Cabaka's Miss Uzi of Playhard ch.
Cabaka's Wendy of Cool
Cabaka's Whoopi of Cool
Cabaka's Xenia of McCoy ch.
Cabaka's Xia of McCoy ch.
Cabaka's Yasmin of McCoy ch.
Cabaka's Yunna of McCoy ch.

Cabaka's Aramis Snowstorm ch.
Cabaka's DeeJay of Yacker ch.
Cabaka's Dicky D'Man of Yacker
Cabaka's Eddi of Johnson. ch
Cabaka's E.T. of Warpaint ch.
Cabaka's Eagle of Warpaint
Cabaka's En-Joy of Cruise
Cabaka's Eiko of Cruise
Cabaka's Fighter Man of Yacker ch.
Cabaka's Gucci of Rockstar ch.
Cabaka's Gordon of Yacker ch.
Cabaka’s Harley Of Robbie
Cabaka’s Hailey Of Robbie ch. - export
Cabaka`s Ice Cool of Yacker
Cabaka's Jamie of Mick Jagger
Cabaka's Jason of Major
Cabaka's Lexie of Punjab ch.
Cabaka's McGee of Calle ch.
Cabaka’s Mister Mickie Of Rowdy
Cabaka's Navarro of Bastian ch.
Cabaka's Pretty Good Deal
Cabaka's Pretty Cool Guy - export
Cabaka's Quinto of Gucci ch.
Cabaka's Robbie of Cool Cat ch.
Cabaka's Show Time of Barco ch.
Cabaka's Tyson Of Easy
Cabaka's Yacker of McCoy ch.
Cabaka's Zachary of Stroker

Glacier's Forbidden Fruit of Kenai
Vanderbilt's Cool Rain ch. - export
Vanderbilt`s Let`s Get Loud ch. - exp.
Vanderbilt's Maybe She is Born with it
Vanderbilt's Thunder Rose ch. - export
White Magic's CC Vanderbilt ch. - exp.

Anatina Voyage Voyage ch. - export
Echo`s Clearly Cabaka ch.
Power Ranger McCoy of Karasea - exp.
Rajumas Amazing Joker
Vanderbilt’s All The Right Answers - exp.
Vanderbilt's Get Off My Cloud
Vanderbilt's Joe Cool - export
Vanderbilt's Let the Games Begin - exp.
Vanderbilt's Paint Stroke - export.
Vanderbilt's Rockhard Playhard - export
Vanderbilt's Shine a Light ch.
Vanderbilt's So Cool Cabakka
Vanderbilt's Storm Cat ch. - export

PARRENTS...of some of our breeding Polar Mist All The Right Stuff "Kenai"
Polar Mist Here Comes Trouble "Rowdy"

White Magic's Rockstar "Jasper"
White Magic's All the right moves "Cruise"
Vanderbilt's One Cool Cat "Felix"

Kaissas Beujolais Nouveau
Kaissas Cartier Lassale of Brutus

Other exports
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